If your tattoo has lost its artistic appeal and feels like a mistake you’d like erased, PicoSure® can help. Ernest M. Myers, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Silver Spring ENT & Laser Center is a well-respected head and neck surgeon who’s committed to providing the residents of Silver Spring, Maryland with cosmetic care that’s safe, effective, and backed by medical science and positive clinical outcomes. He recommends the PicoSure laser system for tattoo removal. Call or schedule an appointment online.

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How does PicoSure work?

Traditional laser tattoo removal relies on heat to essentially melt or burn away the ink permanently staining your skin. PicoSure is a short-pulse laser that uses physics and medical science rather than heat energy to release your tattoo’s hold on your skin.

This remarkable laser delivers energy rapidly (in trillionths of a second), which causes the particles in tattoo ink to vibrate so rapidly they shatter, without using excessive heat or causing damage to the surrounding tissue. These residual, dust-like particles are then treated as waste by your body’s lymphatic system and removed naturally.

Will it work on all tattoos?

The developers of PicoSure designed it to treat all colors of tattoo ink on patients of all skin types. Tattoos with several bright colors or extremely dark ink may require more than the usual number of treatments for optimal results. The experts at Silver Spring ENT & Laser Center can design a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Is it safe?

Compared to traditional aesthetic lasers, PicoSure’s design uses ultra-fast pulses and special light wavelengths that greatly reduce the amount of heat transferred to your skin. This dramatically reduces the risks of burns or other injury, especially when treatments are delivered by highly trained professionals like those at Silver Spring ENT & Laser Center.

How many treatments are usually necessary?

Again, the size, color combination, location, and density of ink are important factors in how quickly tattoos are removed. Typically, 4-10 treatments are sufficient to remove modern tattoos, and the results are permanent.

Will there be a scar?

Some patients may note hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin color in the treated area. This is typically temporary and resolves once healing is complete. Scarring is otherwise rare with PicoSure tattoo removal.

What does a treatment feel like?

You may experience discomfort that is often described as feeling similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin. There are numbing creams available that can reduce the pain. Most patients report, however, that the discomfort associated with PicoSure treatments is much less than the pain they experienced when the tattoo was applied.