I refer my patients to Dr Myers they all return very satisfied with his diagnosis and treatment

Shirley C.
I am extremely grateful to have Dr. Ernest Meyers care for my husband. Dr. Meyers is extremely knowledgeable in ENT matters and quickly treated my husband with a painless and very successful outcome.

Fred S.
Dr. Meyers was the fifth Doctor I saw for severe tongue and mouth pain. I had lost over 20 pounds. He first eliminated the worst possibilities through tests and then treated the problem with a combination of medicine and medical procedures. I was pleased with his treatment and have continued to improve. I highly recommend him.

Dr.e.brian A.
Dr.Myers removed a foreign object from my ear and restored my hearing. He is top shelf and also a great guy!

Paul B.
SS ENT and Laser truly exceeded my expectations in every way. After trying to get a tattoo removed elsewhere with little success, I decided to give this place a try. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. Dr Myers is honest and courteous throughout the process and got rid of my tattoo after a few treatments. I highly recommend their tattoo removal services.

Faroll H.
Dr. Myers went above and beyond the call of duty. He removed a chicken bone from my throat. It was an emergency operation late at night. He saved my life! Thank you Dr. Myers.

Beverley B.
I had a very bad sinusitis, can’t smell, can’t hear from one of ear and I call the office and they worked me in (was very happy)

Linda V.
Dr. Myers’s is very professional, courteous,concerned about his patients and how they feel. He listens to his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jackson S.
Dr. Meyers is caring and straight shooting physician. He told me before hand that having a tonsillectomy was going to be tough. I thought he was joking but he was not. I had a deviated septum that was corrected as well. I am going to grad school this fall and I met with him on7/5/18 and my surgery was done at 7/11/18. The surgery was in and out. I had numerous follow up visits and he was very accessible. I called an other ENT that I saw previously and he was booked up until mid August. I start grad school on 8/27/18. Perfect timing. I healed up almost a month before I started grad school. Dr. Meyers is the best!!!!

Sandy A.
I took my son to see Dr. Myers because he snored heavily and had problem breathing while asleep. Dr. Myers did some x-rays showed us the cause for his heavy snoring. After explaining some corrective measures we opted for surgery. The day of the surgery my son was a little nervous but Dr. Myers and staff assured him that he will be fine. During surgery the family got regular updates on his progress. The surgery has helped my son greatly — no more snoring!! Post surgery appointments went well and the healing process was evident and my son is doing just fine. Thanks Dr. Myers!

Pamela J. B.
Dr. Myers is a highly skilled ENT. He is also very compassionate and unselfish. Dr. Myers saw me on Sunday for an emergency – I was having a severe nose bleed. I was very pleased!!

Julio D.
I’ve been a patient for over 24 years and Dr. Myers has always maintained a very high level of professionalism. I’d highly recommend him.

L. R. L.
Dr. Myers was very compassionate during all of my doctor visits. He made sure I was taken care of in a professional and friendly manner. His concern and care for his patients is outstanding.

Curtis W.
I have been a patient of Dr. Ernest Myers since 1997, and I can attest to the fact that he contributed greatly to preserving my life – immediate diagnosis of a highly fatal illness – and he prescribed, along with his team, the appropriate treatment regimen. He has been monitoring my health since that time, and he has also taken the time with empathy and the highest level of professionalism in ensuring that I received the best possible follow-up ancillary diagnoses and treatment.

Rathdany N.
Dr. Ernest is A great Doctor. He takes generous amount of time listening to his patient and provides good treatment. I wish I found him 5 weeks ago, so I would not have to deal with suffering. I am strongly recommended.

I was impressed .Sorry for not keeping my appointment am not quite sound .I will call for my follow up soon.

Kenneth’s T.

Bette P.
Dr Myers is a great Doctor, wonderful bedside manners. I have always received the best of care and I highly recommend him.

Raymond H.
Best doctor I ever had the pressure of working with answered all my questions and made me feel like more then a patient a person.

Martin P.
I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for 30+ years for myriad issues. When I heard that he was offering laser rejuvenation treatment, I was thrilled to utilize his services for my mole removal. In my experience with Dr. Myers, I have received nothing but great warmth and exceptional service. He was very courteous throughout the process of my mole removal and addressed all my concerns in a succinct and descriptive manner. If anyone is considering options for laser treatment, I would highly recommend Dr. Myers services.

Patrick C.
I was able to to get in right away. Staff was friendly and Dr Myers was prompt, thorough, friendly, while being professional. I whole heartedly recommend him.